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Welcome to Survivor Nest


Learn more about the Survivor
Nest Project 


Hi there, I'm Carla. 


Welcome to the nest! 


I am here to hold space for survivors of incest and childhood sexual abuse. It is my wish to help survivors connect to their creative center through the arts and provide community, connection, as well as an opportunity for healing.


to the Survivor Nest Project's programming and multi media exhibition in April 2022 

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I am excited to be organizing The Survivor Nest Project with Portland,OR artist and author Debbie Baxter of The Nest Project. The Survivor Nest Project is a collaboration with other amazing creatives and advocates in Massachusetts and the North Shore area. Together, we wish to expand the project to bring survivors and supporters of survivors together through several means of creative and healing arts. The public will be able to experience a gallery exhibition, view a documentary, experience sound healing, as well as hear the words of survivors. We view this project as a way to explore and celebrate our collective roots & wings, whether we have experienced this specific form of trauma or other traumas that may leave us feeling alone, isolated, or afraid. The life sized nest that we have created will hold space for you! 


Our Nesting Collaborators

Creating with Massachusetts and North Shore area artists and organizations is key for the Survivor Nest Project. In doing so we wish to enrich and enliven the Nesting Experience for Survivors as well as reaching out to our greater nesting community of supporters. Our mission is to offer healing to survivors as well as bringing the topic of childhood sexual abuse trauma to the public through creative and healing arts.


Lisa Kawski

Lisa will provide sound healing for the nesters as well as offer a healing sound bath to the public

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Donna Jenson

Donna is a longtime advocate for survivors, and will offer support to the nesters. She will also present a viewing of her documentary Telling is Healing


Katie Bourgeois

Katie will create a documentary of the Survivor's Nest Project that can be shown after the project is complete

 Feature Collaborating Publication

We were honored when Colorado based Founder and Creative Director of Voices Heard Magazine Claire O'Leary approached us wanting to dedicate the entire Spring 2022 Issue to the Survivor Nest Project. Between September and February Donna Jenson offered writing circles for the nesters to continue processing their nesting experience. Nesters, Collaborators, Allies and Supporters contributed art, poetry and prose to the magazine. Originally an interactive e-zine, this issue will be printed and is for sale.

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Claire O'Leary

Claire is the creative director of Voices Heard magazine, which empowers sexual abuse survivors to shatter their long held silence through story telling and expressive arts. 

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